We are digitizing the School education subjects, the core subjects of Math, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English in to range of wide size animated videos available in a structural format in to local languages through SmartMaktab Platform.
Every year, more and more Afghans recognize that the education system is in crisis. International “standardized” tests consistently rank the Afghanistan near the bottom. The cognitive value of learning is no less important than its use, Digitalize education helps to develop clarity, independent thinking, and personal discipline. These qualities encourage “process learning,” which involves the analytical understanding of the process itself rather than simply the end results – a key ability shared by all successful, bright thinkers. Let us help you reward your child with the gift of digitalized educational subjects.

Management Team

Naikbeen Naikpay


Naikbeen Naikpay has more than 6 years of working experience in Information Technology field. He is Psychology & Educational Science Graduate of Kabul University and holds Diploma in Information technology. He is CTO of RN Technologies since 2012 and Founder & CEO of SmartMaktab.


Abdul Rashed Barakzai


Abdul Rashed Barakzai, Born in 1986, He is holding a BIT Degree from Preston University and a BBA Management major degree from Kardan University Kabul Afghanistan. He has worked with National and International Organizations since 2004. He is Founder of Afghanistan Independent Youth Organization (AIYO).

Rameen Naikpay


Rameen Naikpay is currently studying in Kabul Education University. He has 3 years of experience in the field of Marketing and Finance and also 2 years’ experience in Teaching.


Shaheen Naikpay

Technical Manager

Shaheen Naikpay is currently studying Psychology & Educational Science in Kabul University. He is an IT Administrator and WordPress Web Designer. He has 5 years of experience in the field of Information Technology and Networking. .


Our team of teachers & talented animators are co-creating a complete library of education videos for students and teachers alike - in the Sciences, Math’s, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English. These resources are available on SmartMaktab website, mobile app in a personalized learning & teaching experience.
The main benefit this product has is that the content being used by the best schools in the world, same content and learning experience would be used by a kid using SmartMaktab.