Ibtikaar Services


Most of entrepreneurs lack critical physical resources, core competencies/skills, or market know-how needed to perform various tasks related to their businesses. One option for these firms is to hire outside consultants in the appropriate fields-if that type of assistance is available and affordable. Our incubator program can help entrepreneurs develop the necessary skills themselves. Training is offered by the incubator management staff, external resource persons and include enhancing business skills, creating awareness, develop self-improvement.

Business Advisory

Join the incubator program. It offers access to key resources such as business advisory support, a professional environment to establish your business and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic entrepreneurial community. Get help to accelerate growth and to achieve success.
The business advisory programs are developed to assist start-ups on issues of strategy development, marketing, human resource development, financials as well as day-to-day operations. Mentoring and Coaching
The mentoring of start-ups by experienced business leaders from the local community can be a powerful means for promoting their enterprises and preventing mistakes. The incubator program will identify mentors to coach start-ups and learn from their experiences.

Technology Support

Ibtikaar is located at ICT Institute Compound, Yakatut, Jalalabad Road, Kabul and secured. It can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 startups.Each office covers a surface area of 20 sq mts and equipped with power sockets, network points, air conditioning, lighting, furniture and shared broadband internet access
The Incubator Centre is furnished with a digital PABX System and this will enable start-ups to have their own telephone number, voice mailbox, and handset. Other support services include fax, photocopy services, kitchen and the use of two dining halls for meetings and a conference room with video conferencing facility.

Support with funding & market access

The incubator program will assist incubatees to access the necessary financial resources to meet their evolving needs. These include funding from banks, donor-aided programs, angel investors.
Ibtikaar has dual role (a) to promote the activities of the centre and (b) the start-ups. Ibtikaar will organise events on a regular basis to market the services of the start-ups and guide them in their sales, promotion and market research activities.


The stable and nurturing environment of a business incubator greatly enhances the chances of success for early-stage companies.The incubator program will facilitate networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for the incubatees