Ibtikaar is a Ministry of Communications and IT project, initially funded by the World Bank. The Program is led and managed by the four Incubator Management Specialists.
The program was also supported by a full time international Incubator Expert and number of local and international experts, mentors, coaches, trainers and volunteers.


TechNation is an Afghan-owned information technology firm founded in 2007. With over six years experience in technology, community technology,

management, policy research and analysis and working with startups and SMEs,TechNation is the country’s only institution focusing on telecentre development and management, community technology centers, and small business and incubation support and management programs. TechNation’s core business includes supporting early-stage entrepreneurs and startup community to develop into their fullest potential. It initiated number of programs that offer innovative, hands-on educational programs to young technologists. These programs are scaling-up the technology startup ecosystem in Afghanistan through training, mentoring and networking, and linking entrepreneurs to market, partners, funding opportunities and mentors.
TechNation’s programs enhance employability of young people, create employment, and contribute to socioeconomic development of the country.


MAD Incubator

MAD Incubator is Malaysia’s leading and largest private incubator. It is an MSC Status Accredited Incubator— MSC, Malaysia’s national ICT initiative, accredits world-class services and achievements. MAD Incubator has over six years of experience in designing, implementing and sustaining incubator programs. It was founded in 2006 as MIRC Incubator Sdn Bhd and in 2009 the company transformed into MAD Incubator.

MAD Incubator specializes in incubation programs from ideation to business venture and business acceleration. Its mission is to develop 1000 entrepreneurs in Malaysia achieving USD1mil by 2015 and has every entrepreneur equipped with the tools, skills, knowledge and know-how to navigate their business challenges. MAD’s core expertise is on startup accelerator, business growth and expansion into South East Asian market. MAD has been actively promoting entrepreneurship through workshops, roadshows, events and incubation activities throughout Malaysia.
MAD has incubators in Technology Park Malaysia, Cyberjaya and Sunway Mentari. MAD has incubated 100+ companies and all companies have achieved profitability within the last 2 years, giving it a 100% success record. MAD has reached out to more than 3000 entrepreneurs through various events, roadshows, workshops and incubation. The MAD brand name in Malaysia is synonymous to its MAD-brand of incubation that is aggressive and innovative. MAD achieves its success through Incubation (focus on entrepreneur support and business model validation), Market Access (focus on revenue tractions) and Funding (focus on valuation building and partnership with external funders).
In May 2013, MAD Incubator launched its Accelerator program in partnership with Silicon Valley’s BootstrapLabs. It is the 1st accelerator program that is designed for Asia and focuses on the region as market place instead of Silicon Valley. The BootstrapAccelerator Asia, as it is called, has received more than 60 applications a month.

The Boston Pledge

Founded in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) US non-profit organization, The Boston Pledge (TBP)- comprises progressive global minds seeking sustainable solutions to large-scale problems in developing regions. TBP’s mission started in the Indian sub-continent and over the past decade has spread to a number of developing and developed nations, including Portugal, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Dorchester (USA) and Trinidad & Tobago. TBP provides knowledge and resource transfer from surplus nations to developing nations

with challenging environments to help reduce the economic gap. The core focus of TBP is to stimulate bottom up entrepreneurship through incubation of businesses, enabling enterprising individuals to create jobs for themselves and be a source of employment for others in their region. Its Entrepreneurship Springboard Program (ESP) integrates a global expertise and resource base for value-addition across the development life cycles of new firms. The successful 2005-06 ESP pilot launched by TBP through international collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) in West Bengal, India illustrated that innovation and business acumen are not the currency of the learned-few, but a latent capability that can be nurtured and developed across all communities. ESP has since then consistently generated scores of successful business creation each year in India, in addition to process improvement for increased turnover for firms in Dorchester in the state of MA, USA throughout India and other global locations. TBP’s training blueprint combines (a) motivational and emotional preparation for the life of an entrepreneur, (b) a focused-class called MBA-in-a-box combining all the major principles required to run a business, and (c) a business plan competition to drive disciplined thinking by capturing an entrepreneur’s ideas into a structured, executable plan. Typically, 50 percent of the attending candidates submit business plans. These plans are sent to an international consortium of experts for judging and awards are given for multiple categories. TBP assists the winning teams in launching the new firms, providing a network of mentors, subject-experts and financiers, and significant media visibility. Each program generates about twenty firms and thousands of new jobs. ESP tracks progress of “alumni firms” and continues with network assistance for up to . To date, the ESP program has generated or improved more than 200 businesses. The ESP model is easily replicated. Its success largely depends on a willing organization in any nation with some assistance from TBP.
TBP also holds an annual conference in Boston, where educationists, philanthropists, businesses and visionaries share ideas to mitigate critical challenges for humanity including poverty, sustainability and health.
The key asset of The Boston Pledge are its people, who have deep entrepreneurial, leadership, technology and governance experience in organizations ranging from tiny startups to Fortune 50 companies across the globe.


Aghaez, a leading organization trusted for management, information systems, and marketing consulting services ,Focusing on various cities, including Kabul, Mazar, Herat, Kandahar, and Jalalabad, the company reaches out to any company, located in any city, requiring consulting services. With numerous talented and capable employees, offices in major cities of Afghanistan, and countless satisfied clients, Aghaez continues to maintain its vision and perform beyond expectations. Aghaez, a consulting firm with pioneering marketing and management processes and information technology solutions, goes hand-in-hand with your business.

AGHAEZ agrees to provide services as a business advisory/ counseling services in the MCIT - Ibtikaar programme with TechNation. AGHAEZ is represented by Mr Ahmad Fahim Didar, Executive Director. AGHAEZ understands that the its advice / counsel is part of a coaching relationship and pledges to use its best judgment independent of personal bias in its role as an Ibtikaar mentor.

Aghaez understands that recipients of the business advisory services (“mentees”) remains fully and solely responsible for any and all personal and business decisions during his/her participation in Ibtikaar's mentor program and its mentee shall not create any fiduciary or other obligation with respect to any outcomes of the advice or assistance provided by Aghaez or by other Ibtikaar associates.