Eligibility & Selection Criteria, and Decisions For Ibtikaar Incubatee

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

Startups and startup founders APPLYING for Ibtikaar as incubatees, should meet the following Eligibility and Selection criteria.

Business Focus & Location:

Ibtikaar considers business ideas in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and ICT enabled Services (ICTeS). Business ideas that might get selected include the use of information communication technologies to produce goods or services, innovative software apps development, hardware design, manufacturing and assembly. ICTeS is the use of ICT tools to produce software solutions in diverse sectors such as education, agriculture, real estate, mobile value added services etc and includes ideas, for example, around eCommerce, mCommerce, digital content service providers, business process outsourcing (BPO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and legal process outsourcing (LPO). We do not consider general services such as low value added services, web designing, cabling, networking and provisions of maintenance services. The startup should be based in or welling to setup in Afghanistan. All businesses need to be in Kabul during the incubation phase (6 months).

Idea and Stage of Development:

The Company should be a new startup, in idea stage, or existing businesses, less than a year old
The applicant should be undertaking pre-business research or testing a business idea. Such as working on a product prototyping; Be in the process of establishing A NEW BUSINESS for a ready-to-market product or service; or Re-establishing, re-branding or re-positioning an existing business.

Growth Potential & Opportunity:

The business should have a growth potential, clear revenue model and well defined customer focus
Provide INVESTABLE OPPORTUNITY – an opportunity for which finance can be sought, or adequate financing already in place
Have viable MARKET opportunity

Innovation & Social Impact:

Be an innovative business idea, product or services
Transfer knowledge, skills and technologies to Afghanistan
Contribute to employment creation. Such number of jobs created by end of the PROGRAM
Should not have detrimental environmental or social impact

Team & Commitment:

At least two of the founders should be university graduates or hold a DIPLOMA in a field relevant to their proposed role in the startup
Have a qualified management team or the willingness to BUILD one
Commitment to stay at Ibtikaar incubator facility for at least 6 months. Two of the team members need to commit full time so they can be coached and mentored


Be legally compliant- with relevant legislation

Other Provision:

In the event there is competition for limited space or Incubator resources, preference will be given to businesses that have no direct competition with an existing incubatee.

Entry Decisions

Screening & Interviews:

All APPLICATIONS are screened, test and interviews are conducted by the Ibtikaar Management Team assigned by The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Selected start-ups are recommended for Ibtikaar Executive Board for approval.

Executive Board Approval:

Final decision on selection of the incubatees is made by the Ibtikaar Executive Board, chaired by H.E. Deputy Minister of Communication and IT, comprised of key stakeholders from public, social and private sectors.


Following the Executive Board approval the approved start-ups are INVITED to enter into an agreement with Ibtikaar and occupy their offices at the incubator facility for a period of 6-9 months; Ibtikaar Management serves them during this incubation period.

Timeline for Ibtikaar Incubatee APPLICATIONS

APPLICATION deadline (including Screening, Test & Interview): 29th June 2017
Ibtikaar Executive Board approval by: 15th July 2017
Recruitment: 1st August 2017
Incubation duration: Total 6 months

Services and Benefits for Ibtikaar Incubatees:


Incubatees are provided with a free office space with necessary logistics; a 10mb fiber optic internet connection through WiFi and LAN connecting each unit office

Mentoring and Coaching:

Incubatees are provided with mentoring and coaching, including: a) Assistance in BUSINESS PLAN preparation, b) Business counseling, financial, legal and advisory services

Branding & MARKETING

Incubatees are provided with support in promotion and marketing support

Access to Market and Funding:

In incubation and post-incubation phases incubatees are supported to access to funding, and MARKET through various networking and business match-making events.