Training for Start-ups – IBTIKAAR

The overall goals of team building are to increase the teams understanding of team dynamics and improve how the team works together. Teambuilding encourages the team approach to working on a project.

Effective business planning is critical to an entrepreneurial company's long-term success and its ability to raise capital and grow successfully.

To many people, marketing means advertising or selling. But in reality marketing goes deeper than just advertising or selling. Marketing is in fact a philosophy that identifies customer needs and wants, determines which target markets the organization can serve best, and designs appropriate products and services to serve these markets.

Lack of finance may lengthen an enterprise incubation period. Incubators generally do not offer financial support from their own resources to incubated companies; rather it can advise and seek financing alternatives, based either on their own resources or those of third parties.

The objectives of this short course are to equip the participants with a basic understanding of selected legal topics relevant to the ICT business. The fundamentals of the Law of Contract will be covered in a business context to familiarize the participants, with emphasis on certain aspects they are likely to encounter in practice.

The aim of this exercise is to put in practice the various skillset acquired by the participants during the training sessions. It includes the use of financial planning, working under pressure to meet tight deadlines, business planning amongst others. For this purpose a boat building exercise will be used as a case study

Your customers are very valuable to your business and you should ensure your customers that they can get an efficient & effective interaction. Satisfied customers are loyal and they provide repeat business.

Successful managers achieve results through their staff. High morale, co-operation, participation and a sense of responsibility to the team increase productivity and result in higher profits for the organization.

Managers at all levels are constantly challenged to optimize their workforce whilst ensuring the appropriate working environment, to achieve targeted goals. This course aims at providing an overview of the key legislation governing the employment of staff.

An organization’s reputation, profitability, and even its continued existence can depend on the degree to which its targeted “publics” support its goals and policies. Developing effective relationships with the employees, members, customers, local communities, shareholders, and other institutions, and with society at large is increasingly becoming important for the success of an organization.

Time is a limited resource and everyone needs to know how to manage this effectively and efficiently. Staff, by an improved utilization of their time, can contribute significantly to the profitability of the company. This course examines how time is invested at work and whether you are a ‘proactive’ or a ‘reactive’ manager of your time.

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Without it commitments cannot be met, no matter how profitable a business is. An alarming number of people are getting into financial trouble. This program will help to understand the need for credit management, the systems to put in place, how to monitor them and manage customer relationships.