Afghan Booking

Afghan Booking is an online reservation platform which offers a booking service through the localized web application platform for hotels, guest houses and wedding halls in Afghanistan. We provide the travelers and new-comers to Afghanistan a wide selection of hotels and guest houses according to the location, rate, and there interest.

Management Team

Murtaza Zargar

CEO, Founder

I’m Murtaza Zargar. I’m an Afghan. I’ve studied in computer science in Kabul University and graduated in November 2013. My background is in computer sciencesoftware engineering and programming and recently technology entrepreneurship. I’ve worked in a couple of private companies .

Hamid Reza Sepehr


My name is Hamid Reza Sepehr and I was born in 1990. I studied computer science in Kabul Central University and graduated in 2012. I'm a Front-End developer and I love graphic design! My expertise is in web-based UI/UX and I'm getting into mobile developement too. I believe that new generation will change the future!


We offer our target customers a reach business profile specific for their business domain. Our customers would be able to add their information, services, discounts and galleries. Also we offer them a booking service that can help their customers find them easily and fast.
We offer a secure platform for all booking needs for the businesses in Afghanistan which booking has a great value for them. Our website is responsive and it works in any device, so the customers can use our service from their smartphone easily. All our information is copyrighted under our trademark and no one can use them without our permission.

Distribution Channels

We offer our service through a web application software and latest web technologies. We will offer the mobile application for Android and IOS version so the customers can get more benefits any time anywhere. For the first customers we do direct contact and direct pre selling and selling


Murtaza Zargar

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